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Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah
Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

From humble beginnings as a takeaway launched in the back of a Ford Commer van in 1976, The Aagrah Group is now the curry giant of the North!

With 450 staff, 11 restaurants, a gin library, an internationally-stocked tarka cooking-sauce range, and a host of monthly events and offers, Aagrah is showing the rest of the food sector how it’s done.

The Group prides itself on offering a consistent Kashmiri menu across all of its outlets, with influences from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and all over India creating a Kashmir and Punjabi blend of dishes.

All dishes use fresh produce with meat, poultry, and vegetables sourced locally on a daily basis. Branch managers have the unique position of also being trained as competent chefs, so can discuss everything from food preparation to dietary requirements.

Now, as the award-winning Indian restaurant chain celebrates its 41st anniversary, we look at the top 7 must-eat dishes to be enjoyed from the menu:

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Khasta Bhindi (Vegetarian Starter)

This beautifully presented starter contains dry and crisp okra green seed pods in mild spices. Deep fried, it is then served elegantly in a spiced-poppadom basket and drizzled with tamarind sauce. It looks almost too delightful to eat!

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Chicken Hyderabadi

An award-winning speciality on the menu, this is one of the most ordered dishes at Aagrah. It originates from the city of Hyderabad in India and is a sumptuously rich dish full of distinctive flavours. It is cooked with aromatic spices, green coriander, fresh cream, yoghurt, tomatoes, garlic and ginger in bay leaf juices, cardamom, poppy seeds and cloves, with delicious results.

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Afghani Murgh

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the Murgh is another house speciality. This Afghani-influenced version is a mild dish consists of a breast of chicken cooked with tomatoes, julienne-cut ginger, black pepper, garlic, salt and yoghurt. It is garnished with fresh lime and coriander for an extra zing.

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Lahori Charga

This is a dish originating from Lahore but with a quirky, Mediterranean twist. It uses half a chicken-on-the-bone, which is then marinated in yoghurt and grilled and sauteéd with julienne cut ginger, onions, bay leaves, tomatoes, olives, green cardamoms, and Punjabi spices. The end result is a flavourful, medium-heat dish.

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Lahsen Chicken

Another popular choice from the menu is Lahsen Chicken, a medium-spiced dish with a taste, texture, and richness that stands apart. Diced chicken breast is cooked with tomatoes, fresh sliced garlic, julienne-cut ginger, green chillies, peppers, and a unique selection of herbs and spices, creating an aromatic treat on the senses.

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Lamb Achar

The Achar is a pickle found in the Indian subcontinent, so it’s no surprise that this award-winning house speciality is carefully cooked with pickled spices. It also contains a host of ingredients including fresh tomatoes, onions, green chillies, fresh garlic, coriander, methi seeds, aniseed, mustard seeds, julienne-cut ginger and yoghurt. The lamb is gently simmered in bay leaf juices to create a tender, medium-heat dish which smells exquisite and is brimming with flavour.

Top 7 must-try dishes at Aagrah

Fish Machli Masala Piaz


The Machli Masala Piaz uses an exclusive style of cooking where fish is grilled then stir fried on a metal plate. This medium-heat fish dish contains cod marinated with ginger, garlic, egg and selected spices. It is deep fried then pan cooked with more ginger, spices, onions, peppers, mushrooms and coriander, and comes sizzling to your table on a bed of onions and with the tasty Hyderabadi sauce for which the restaurants have become famous.

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