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Where To Get Vegan Pizza In Leeds
Where To Get Vegan Pizza In Leeds

If you’ve turned vegan, but miss the taste of pizza, then never fear; there are some delicious meat and dairy-free options available if you know where to look.

Veganuary – where people give up eating any kind of animal product for January – is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of people are keeping up their veganism long-term afterwards. Many report feeling happier and healthier as a result, or enjoy the ethical benefits of no longer harming animals.

However, there are always foods that are difficult to give up, and one of the biggest is pizza. There’s something about a crispy crust with delicious sauce and gooey cheese that makes most people’s mouths start to water.

Luckily, you don’t actually have to give up pizza. Thanks to some clever culinary science, vegan pizza is not only a possibility, but actually surprisingly popular. If you’re in Leeds, you should definitely try out one of these options:

Where To Get Vegan Pizza In Leeds
Ecco Pizzeria - Photo Credit: @ecco_pizzeria

Ecco Pizzeria

Located in Headingley, on Otley Road, Ecco is one of the best pizzerias in the city. It makes proper Neapolitan Pizzas, as defined by European Union and the Vera Pizza Neapolitan Association, which means they must contain seasonal ingredients sourced directly from local farmers, with no artificial additives, preservatives, growth hormones, pesticides, nitrates or trans fats.

So, you know you’re going to get a great pizza! But what about vegan options? Well, every single pizza on the menu can be made with vegan mozzarella, while almost half the options for toppings are meat-free.

One of the pizzeria’s signature dishes is the Lombardini pizza, which is topped with caramelised leeks, green beans, roasted artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes mushrooms and peppers. It’s topped with rocket and olive oil instead of cheese, so it’s already vegan.
93 Otley Rd, Leeds, LS6 3PS

Where To Get Vegan Pizza In Leeds
MOD Pizza - Photo Credit @neutralkate

MOD Pizza

If you’re near Kirkstall Road, it’s worth popping down to Cardigan Fields for a slice of pizza from MOD, which is based around the idea of you designing your own meal. Much like Subway or BarBurrito, you choose your base, sauce, toppings, spices and – of course – your cheese, one of the options for which is dairy-free.

This means you can have whatever pizza you want. Chickpeas, jalapenos and pineapple with BBQ sauce and vegan cheese, finished off with a balsamic fig glaze? It’s not for us, but if you fancy it you can make it.

Of course, MOD also has pre-set recipes for those that don’t like having to choose all of those options. You could take the Tristan, for example, which comes with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, pesto and cheese that can be swapped out for a vegan option.
11a, Cardigan Fields, Kirkstall Rd, Burley, Leeds, LS4 2DG

Where To Get Vegan Pizza In Leeds
Grove Cafe Leeds - Photo Credit: @niamhrosemary

Grove Café

While it’s a takeaway rather than a restaurant, Grove Café is a great place to go for vegan food in general and especially pizza. Using vegan cheese and a variety of exciting ingredients, you can expect a lot of different options designed especially with vegans in mind.

For example, the Soya Delight comes with roasted tofu, mushrooms and peppers, while the Vegan Feast comes with meat-free versions of chicken, garlic sausage and pepperoni. This means you can experience all of the best parts of pizza with none of the meat or dairy.
133-135 Cardigan Rd, Leeds, LS6 1LJ


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